Baby Bears

Since many of us were born in 1941, here is the Wikipedia page of the world in 1941.

Baby Pictures: The first three pictures are the baby pictures from our senior yearbook. Please send in other baby and kindergarten pictures you have. Please send them here. I have added some early birthday party pictures with our classmates.

Bonnie Broe, Jim Judy, Nancy Moore, Bonnie Crocker, Maureen Burton, Judy O’Day, Vicki Hill, Rita Glenn, Ray DeLude, Bertie Kirk, Ron Murphy, Theresa Miller, Lana Moore, Joan Benson, Kathy Kinney, Steve Anderson, Janet Shumway, Bruce Evers, Mel Haugen, Judy Poor, Sherry Walters, Suzanne Mooers, Leslie Ellingson, Kris Hemingway, Pat Krueger, Gary Joanis
Bob Ells, Karen Ruud, Beverly Shoults, Dale Way, Christine Carlon,
Patt Anderson, Judy Pipes,
Ron Ross, Sandra Thompson, Barbara Winslow, Tom Tadevic, Barbara Hansen,
Gary Kelley, Sharon Eakman,
Pat Hollenbeck, Nada Melsness, Thelma Painter, Jim Alm, Sharon Faulkner, Jim Woodward, Valbert Workman,
Hiram Houghton, Sandra Brown, Marylou Cowles, Jerry Leagjeld, Brenda Rixe, Jeff Ward, John Olsen
Sally Dunn, Suzanne LeBlanc, Suzanne Alexander, Joe Dobbels, Joyce Rohrbach, Richard Haldy,
Sandra Larson, Susan Harrison, Judy Haines, George Lucas,
Steve Wendell, Judy Crawshaw, Kathleen O’Grady, Karen Smith, Jack Holt,
Montie Tunnell, Beverly Fields, Dorothy O’Keefe, Claudine Hufstader, Sharon Wilson,
Mike Jeffers, Chuck Grant, Shirley Grant, Pauline Marsh, Gordon Hansen, Connie Raymond, Connie Smith
Joann Courter, ?, Brenda Rixe, ?, Edna Mae Thompson, Carolyn Courter, Sandra Larson, Judy Crooks, Marcia Sanders, Carol Crooks, Anne Stewart MacDonald (about 1947)
Back row: Susan Thomas, Leila Chase, Joann Courter, Lynne Chase, Carol Smith.
Larry Larson, Charlene Chase, Peggy Smith, Sandra Larson.
Robbie Olson (cousin
Back row: Joann Courter, Susan Thomas, Leila Chase, Lynne Chase, Carol Smith.
Robbie Olson, Larry Larson, Charlene Chase, Peggy Smith, Sandra Larson.
Sandra Lsrson, Marcia Sanders, Craig Nielsen, Anne Stewart MacDonald, David DeCarufel
Back row: Sally Summers, Sally Nielsen
Front row: Sandra Larson, David DeCarufel, Marcia Sanders, Craig Nielsen
Sally Summers, Larry Larson, Sally Nielsen, David DeCarufel, Craig Nielsen, Suzanne LeBlanc, Sandra Larson
David Roth and Tim Cady on the left.
Alison (Sunny) Van Wormer on the right
Jill Van Wormer and Sandra Larson in front
Sally Summers, Sally Nielsen, Carolyn Courter
Ronnie Rainey, JoAnn Courter, Marcia Sanders, David DeCarufel, Anne Stewart MacDonald, Bobby Young
Sandra Larson, Suzanne LeBlanc, Larry Larson