30th Reunion – 1989

The 30th reunion was held at the Bend Riverhouse in August, 1989. Once again, Judy Haines Hatch and her committee did a fine job. There was a great turnout with about 80 people attending. On Friday night, August 11, Rita Glenn greeted people and handed out name tags. Gordy Hansen gave a brief welcome and Gordon McKay, a former school board member, gave a short humorous speech. A great picture display was put together by Theresa Miller Rogerson and Myrna Carpenter Clark. Background music was provided by Gary and Suzi Van Uitert. Anne Crenshaw Morin’s daughter sang with the band in the lounge.

Saturday morning, August 12, began with a tour of the school conducted by Suzi LeBlanc Kukar who is a substitute teacher there. To quote Chuck Grant, “I’m impressed.”

A picnic lunch was catered on the lawn between the A and B buildings. Several generations of classmates’ families gathered there.

The dinner hour at the Riverhouse started with songs played on an electric keyboard by Barbara Hansen Robinson. Plenty of good conversation was shared at dinner. Gordy introduced “the Committee” and read letters from absent members and teachers.

As the evening wound down, the phrases, “Let’s keep in touch,” and “You don’t look any different (lie-lie) could be heard, along with, “I won’t miss another reunion,” and “This was really fun.”

~~ by Sharon Hirtzel Joanis~~ from the 1989 reunion packet

30th REUNION – 1989
(need help with some missing names)

Back two rows: Gary Joanis, Jeff Ward, Bertie Kirk, Dean Matson, John Olson, Bill Morton, Sharon Hirtzel, Suzanne Mooers, Gary Van Uitert, Montie Tunnell.

Standing three rows from left: Joe Dobbels, Norma Humbert Dobbels, Sandra Thompson Case, Barbara Hansen Robinson, Sherry Walters Emerson, George Poetschat, Vicki Hill Malone, Steve Wendell, Jeanne Lisenbury, Marylou Cowles Cross, Bonnie Crocker Ferguson, Zola Rhodes Parker, Sherry Jorgensen, Pauline Marsh Ylvisaker, Shirley Grant, Linda Griswold, Brenda Rixe Towell, Nancy Moore, Bill Wheeler, Myrna Carpenter Clark, Sally Verley, Judy Haines Hatch, Glen Raymond.

Kneeling front row: Pat Feeney, Duane Hought, Mel Haugen, XX, Theresa Miller Rogerson, Gordon Lee, Wanda Flaherty, Sherry Jorgensen, Ann Crenshaw, Joan Benson Wheeler.

The World in 1989: Prices and events

13 Incredible Things that Happened in 1989

  1. The Berlin Wall came down.
    The Berlin Wall comes down–foreshadowing the end of the Cold War–and over two million East Berliners come over to the West side to celebrate with what’s been called ” the greatest street party in the history of the world.” 
  2. The World Wide Web was conceived.
    We owe a lot to Tim Berners-Lee, a software engineer working out of Switzerland who “understood the unrealized potential of millions of computers connected together through the Internet. “His proposal led to the creation of a royalty-free World Wide Web technology. Life-changing.
  3. The very first episode of the Simpsons aired.
    Now 25 years later, and the show has won 3 Emmys and was named the best TV show of the 20th century by Time Magazine. And best of all, “doh!” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  4. A 4,400-year-old mummy was discovered.
    One of the oldest mummies ever found in Egypt was unearthed at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The aristocratic young woman was found with a smile frozen on her face.
  5. The first GPS satellite went into orbit.
    The first of 24 satellites went up into space, and the world was changed forever. This yielded a Global Positioning System that provided precisely accurate location and time, no matter the weather. Oh, and since 1993, it’s completely free from anywhere on earth.
  6. One word: Seinfeld.
    Jerry. George. Elaine. Kramer. Twenty-five years later and we still love these characters, which probably explains why Seinfeld was ranked the greatest TV show of all time by TV Guide.
  7. Nintendo came out with the Game Boy.
    And just like that, nerd culture was off to a running start! The handheld video game has since sold over 150 million units worldwide.
  8. These three recording artists went home with Moonmen:
    Madonna: Best Direction for her video “Express Yourself”
    Paula Abdul: Best Choreography and Best Dance Video (along with two more!)
    Guns N’ Roses: Best Heavy Metal Video
  9. The Little Mermaid became part of our world.
    Premiering on November 17, 1989, The Little Mermaid grossed over $211 million worldwide and won two Academy Awards. It also sparked a new trend known as “fork combing” (not really though).
  10. The first broadcast of high-definition (HD) television aired in Japan.
    In 1989, Japan aired the very first daily broadcast of a HD television program.
  11.  Top grossing movie of 1989? Batman!
    Michael Keaton made an unlikely Batman. Jack Nicholson made a perfect Joker. Together, they grossed over $411 million worldwide and won the film an Academy Award.
  12. The Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize.
    The exiled monk was recognized for his nonviolent campaign to end China’s domination over Tibet. It speaks wonders that 25 years later the Dalai Lama remains a spiritual leader the world over.
  13. Wind Beneath My Wings was the wind beneath our wings.
    Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings won the Grammys for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. 

    NOTE: Taylor Swift was born in 1989. We know this because she released an album a few years ago called “1989” – in honor of her birth year.