BHS Class of 1959

An online photo album for the Bend, Oregon High School Class of 1959

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Class Motto: “He who conquers himself, conquers all.”
Class Flower: Rose
Class Colors: Copper and white
Gift to the School: Auxiliary basketball scoreboard

Search to find out which of our classmates encountered Bigfoot… and let me know who finds it. 

This is a collection of our school photos though the years, well-deserving of a place in Bend Oregon’s history. Be sure to check out the Seniors & Bios page for updated pictures and biographies of what people did after high school.

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I would like to dedicate this site to one of our very special and memorable teachers, Mrs. Harriet Langmas, for all she taught us about the English language and for choosing Bend for her career and home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mrs. Langmas! We wish you well throughout your life.


Take a look at this unforgettable video of Mrs. Langmas. It was made for the “I’ve Got a Secret” tv show back in the day. Thanks to Rita Glenn for sending it in and for remembering that as tenth graders, we were honored to be students in Mrs. Langmas’s class and that our Class of ’59 was the first class to attend all three years at the new high school. Mrs. Langmas says she remembers all of us, even where we sat in her class. I remember her for her beautiful wardrobe and no-nonsense sleek hair style. Mrs. Langmas is still beautiful, lives in Bend, and is on Facebook.

If you want to remember what the world was like in 1959, take a look here.

Here is the Class of 1958 site: (set up by Bob Lanzarotta; no longer being updated.) If anyone has the web address of other Bend High class websites, please send it to me.

For Class of 1959 name, address, telephone, email and website updates, or to send photos, comments, suggestions, name identifications, memories or corrections, please contact me, Sandra Larson Jaenicke at (Vicki is no longer maintaining the list and no longer has a computer.) I am still sending out postcards to last known addresses for people with no email address.

Here are some comments on the site:

I never thought I would see my senior picture again.

“The site is very well done. I can tell you did it with love.

“Thanks to you, I have reconnected with one of my childhood friends.”

Why build a website now?” “Answer: “Better late than never.”

“Thanks for your website work. You have done a wonderful job.”

“Great job on remembering all the names.”

“Some of the pictures are real treasures.”

“Where did you find all these pictures?”

“Thank you for doing this!!!  You are wonderful!!!” 

“Thanks for all the work you have done on behalf of the class of 1959.”

“Thanks for keeping in touch with the class of 59 and for putting it all together. “

You’re doing such a great thing!!!!!!!!” 

“Thank you for your efforts!”

“I’ve looked at the site a lot. It’s great.” 

“What a nice surprise. And I love the site.”

“Your card was a pleasant surprise and a ticket to go back in time through the website. We really have lived at a very special time; perhaps the best ever. I sure wouldn’t trade the high school experience we shared with today’s school environment. Thanks for getting in touch and keeping the connection. Much appreciated.”

“The site is really great. You did a fantastic job. Brought back some great memories of some good times!”

“Fun times remembered! I see myself next to my best friend in the picture.

“You’ve taken on quite a challenge, tracking down all our classmates.”

“You should add old, cool hotrod car pictures and stories to our bios. At the 50th, there were a lot of people interested in them. For some people, cars are an important part of their life, and therefore, a part of their bio.”

“Your web page is wonderful. For one thing, we wouldn’t be talking without it. For me, that’s worth it right there.”

“I got your card and checked out the website. You have done a fantastic job! Being I have missed the reunions, it was great to catch up with so many of my classmates – was sorry we have lost so many. Thank you for putting this all together.”

“Your efforts have opened the doors for me to talk to my old high school girlfriend and another friend I haven’t talked to since high school.”

“Keep up the good work.”

“I really believe the remaining 1959 classmates owe you Sandra and Vicki a big thank you for all you’ve done and have continued to do to keep everyone in the loop.”

“How very nice to hear from you!!  Yes, I have been looking at your new Bend High website – I enjoy reading the latest from all the gals and guys.  You have been doing a great job of keeping all of us informed. “

“I scanned the wonderful Class of 59 website that you have set up.  Wow!  Class act (smile).  Thanks again for doing this for our class.”